Wapiti Players League Grants $17,914 in Credits to Returning Teams for 2023/24 Season!

Today, we have some genuinely exciting news to share – news that perfectly reflects what make our league so special.

It's with a deep sense of appreciation and celebration that we announce the Wapiti Players League's initiative to give back to those who have been the driving force behind our league's success – our returning teams. After careful planning and prudent financial management, we're thrilled to provide a $689 credit to each of the 26 returning teams for the upcoming 2023/24 season. That equates to $17,914 in total credits issued.  

Unity and Growth: The Heart of Our League

Reflecting on the journey we've taken, it's evident that the heart of the Wapiti Players League is its players and teams. Through your dedication, passion for hockey, we've evolved into one of the top recreational hockey leagues in western Canada. Each team that returns each year is a testaments to the amazing hockey community we've collectively built in the peace country.

Now, let's talk about your well-deserved credit. No tricks or hoops to jump through – we've made it easy for the teams. Each $689 credit will be seamlessly applied to their 2023/24 seasons invoice. It's our way of saying "thank you" for your loyalty and an encouragement to keep the league healthy and sustainable.  We wanted to thank our amazing sponsors for their continued support and hope to continue it into the future.

As we gear up for the upcoming season, we encourage you to pass along this great news to your teammates, buddies, and anyone who's as crazy about the game as we are. Help us spread the word about what the Wapiti Players League stands for – sticking together, playing fair, and creating a space where every player can feel the unadulterated thrill of hockey.